28 June 2010

Sewing Lesson

It's been a stay-at-home day today. Lovey wanted to "embroider", so I brought out the necessary supplies for some quiet time while I mended a lovely vintage child's top I purchased long ago and which should fit Lovey just fine. I keep a bag of supplies ready for embroidery: wooden hoops, cut pieces of burlap, a variety of colored wool yarn cut in 12" lengths and loosely knotted for storage, and large plastic or metal blunt-tipped needles.
I knot the yarn right to the needle to prevent slipping out. The burlap weave is so loose that the knot will easily pass through. And I make a larger knot at the end of the yarn as well. 
Then comes the reminder lesson: Start by holding the hoop in your non-dominant hand, and with the other hand pass the needle through from the back to the front and pull until the yarn is tight. Next, repeat to yourself: "the needle comes up in the front, then goes down in the front; the needle comes out in the back, then goes up from the back". Continue stitching, then tie off in the back when finished. 

And, voila! There you have a nice sample of kiddie embroidery and a mini-sewing lesson to boot.

Following this I tried out the new Janome - only to find I'll definitely need to take advantage of the free lessons offered by my dealer soon. Oh well, Etsy will have to wait awhile longer.

We had a light lunch, then headed outside for some giant bubble-blowing and a game of chase before settling down for some stories and a nap. Lovey is tuckered out from the exercise and snoozing - and mommy is not far behind...

Good day, all!

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