05 July 2010

Had Enough

To all my friends, family and kind strangers - I want to thank you for your support of my blog. I had such a difficult time with previous web hosts and thought Blogger was the answer with it's ease of use. Unfortunately, I spent hours crafting my web pages only to find that Blogger has major technical issues - the worst being that bloggers cannot view their Followers. Gaining subscribers is a major part of keeping a blog - they are an inspiration. I am told that I have quite a few following me currently, but I don't know who all of you are! It is inexcusable for a web host with the reputation of Blogger to prevent it's users from seeing who is following them. I had nearly paid for a service to help me advertise, and am grateful that I learned of this problem before doing so, as I never would have seen if the service worked for me. That said... I will not delete my blog for the time being, hoping that perhaps this issue will be resolved, but neither will I continue to post. When, and if, the situation changes, you will be notified that a new post has appeared. Instead, I will focus my efforts on opening my Etsy shop (under the same name: waldorfpunkin). Please wish me luck and send your prayers as I figure out how to fund Lovey's education amidst all the apparent obstacles and despite my whole-hearted efforts. "Where there's a will, there's a way" but Lord, "THY will be done".

with love and thanks,

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  1. Well at least you know you have given it your best! I hope the situation rectifies itself and you will be back online soon. Until then, it will give me time to peruse your past postings. Hope you see you back here soon! :)