Below are questions and comments I have received via email and during conversations over the course of the past three years. Keep them coming.
Q: Wow, I didn’t know you're that crunchy!
A: If you're asking whether I fit some Birkenstock-wearing, bare-faced, hippie-flower-child stereotype then, “No”, I’m not “that” crunchy. If, however, you can understand that I appreciate nature, beauty, and simplicity, and have gratitude for all life’s blessings then, yeah, call me crunchy. But remember, I hate granola (see Dining page). And you should see my Sephora bill. Better yet... pay it!

Q: Thrifting? So, you're... cheap?
A: No. Yes. Maybe... I simply hate waste. A yarn scrap can become a child's bracelet; packing material can be reused; a slightly cracked aquarium can work as a terrarium (see Thrift page). And I love creating, such as making toys from woolen sweaters. Going back to the source - that, to me, is thrift.

Q: Don't you want the best start for your child? They need to learn early to get a head start. Give her learning toys, blah, blah...
A: It is because I want the best for my child that I am exposing her to the Waldorf Tradition. Not sure how far I can go with the schooling, but I can certainly keep it up at home. Waldorf offers so much I can only ask you to go here to find out more. And please read what Dr. David Elkind has to say about the "head start" you support. Lastly, pretty much everything can be a learning toy - who says we need to throw away tons of cash on plastic trash with bells and whistles to teach our children to learn? Our parents and grandparents managed to be intelligent, productive people without them. Press a button and something happens? Heck, children will learn cause and effect by knocking down a block tower!