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I'm a 40-something, former public school English teacher - now a proud SAHM to 3-1/2 year-old Lovey, and wife of nearly 12 years to Braveheart. We share our home with four fabulous feline friends: Pepper, Dash, SweetPea, and Velvet (dear, sweet Sam left us last summer). At the time of this entry in June 2010 we live an hour away from our nearest Waldorf school, but hope to move to the town where our school is located, by winter. 

Waldorf Ed drives my daily experience. While I was aware of it prior to the birth of my sole child, I became more intrigued after she was born - pretty much by accident. In 2007 the news highlighted the dangers of lead in some China-made toys, which prompted me to search for alternatives for Lovey. After finding "Waldorf" among the many Googled options, I began to read copiously about the theory behind it, and was hooked. I have found, among other benefits, an outlet for my latent creativity and hope to share some of my ideas and handiwork here as well.

Just as with the subject of politics, it is entirely possible to friend people who do not share one's own views on education. So let me be clear: I do not judge. While I wish everyone had the opportunity to learn about, and learn from the Waldorf Tradition, my primary concern is for Lovey. I cannot know what the future will hold for us as far as her education, but I am doing my best to make it happen. I am a SAHM by choice, yet as a one-income-family the cost may be preclusive. I simply want to share, and the process for me is also cathartic.

Please subscribe and take a peek into our family life and challenges faced along this journey. Do not hesitate to comment or ask questions. This is an experiment for me in discipline and I strive to make this blog another popular web resource for Waldorf philosophy.

Yours in Peace,

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