23 June 2010


I cannot tell you how happy I am after weeks of frustration trying to get this blog going. A lot of time and effort I wasted at two other hosting sites that posed one challenge or another. That is, by the way, the reason my three previous posts appear below, and post-dated. So, to say that I am thrilled that I finally chose Blogger is an understatement! 

Please feel free to comment on the layout I have chosen, specifically regarding navigability. I don't like cluttered blogs, and I think I finally got mine in a good place. I have chosen to use static pages for topics like recipes and crafts; hopefully that was not a mistake. I'd like that info and pics to be readily available and accessible for a longer time than they would be on the Home page. Of course, I'll add to the pages and remove dated info regularly.

Have a great day!

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