22 June 2010

Just Chillin'

NOTE: Originally published January 29, 2010

Literally. It is downright cold today. Dressed up our little Waldorfian for some sub-zero windchills as she headed to class this morning. Braveheart brought her today and was asked to share in a touching celebration of Lovey’s birth. He surprised her by arriving at circle-time, where Miss Katherine told a story of a special girl who came down from heaven to live with her parents. Lovey didn’t realize it was for her until her name was mentioned at the end! She was presented with a bouquet of fragrant paperwhites and a new felted ball. She couldn’t wait to tell me all about it upon arriving home; she really felt extra-special today.

My crafting effort for today was a finger-knitted bracelet from the wool yarn ribbon on Lovey’s gift. We’ve been crafting a lot less, lately. Christmastime was a different story, when we made beeswax candles from my neighbor’s harvested wax, felted acorn pins, cinnamon-applesauce ornaments, and such. The bracelet was a nice treasure, nonetheless. Recently I’ve taken to modeling beeswax; I’ve found I’m pretty good at it and it relaxes me. Really need to spend sometime practicing wet-felting; just not getting it right. Ok, I’ll worry about that tomorrow. Good night folks!

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