22 June 2010


NOTE: Originally published January 23, 2010

Greetings to family, and to friends old and new!

Through this blog I hope, primarily, to keep a diary of our daughter’s educational journey. I also strive to share a bit of info about the theory behind Waldorf Tradition and how it is exemplified in our home, to spread the word about the fastest growing educational movement in the world! So, with no further adieu... on to my first post!

The last two years have been very difficult year for me due to several personal losses including, but not limited to, the deaths of my mother and feline friend. Thankfully, 2009 ended with a peaceful Advent season, followed by a festive Christmas celebration. Lovey kept busy decorating our Advent tree with homemade ornaments, made from natural objects collected on our many excursions. The tree, itself, was a treat to display, having made it myself about 20 years ago using a wire tomato cage and concord grape vines collected in my mother’s backyard. Mom saved everything and it decorated her hallway each winter through 2006. Cleaning out her belonings, I nearly tossed it as “useless” until something spoke within me compelling me to use it in this way (Mom, was that you?). It's white lights often provided the only illumination during the evenings of Advent, as we observed our nightly ritual of lighting a candle and opening that day’s window on the Advent calendar. With traditional Gregorian chant playing in the background, we were all able to fully relax and appreciate the meaning of the season. I actually only removed it from our living room yesterday!

The candle was crafted at Lovey's Waldorf-inspired daycare

Santa was very kind and clever this year, delivering a set of traditional pine playstands to Lovey. How he ever got those down the chimney, we’ll never know… They currently function as her “castle” and she spends most of her day playing near them, and dragging me through them while we dance. We were all a little sick at the beginning of January, starting the week before my birthday on the 10th and ending just before Lovey’s 3rd birthday on the 16th. We hosted three little friends for a Cinderella-inspired surprise party. Mommies Judy and Juliana watched the kids, helped in the kitchen and took the bulk of the photos – thank you both! It was a very fun morning for us all!

A few of Lovey's holiday gifts, including a recycled 
mink coat "rug" belonging to my aunt - and Lovey's namesake!

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